Chaplaincy Programme

The School Chaplaincy Service complements our many existing pastoral care programmes. Chaplains are responsible for supporting the social, emotional and spiritual well being of students, regardless of faith or beliefs.  Our Chaplain provides support for a range of day to day matters affecting the school community. Chaplains are qualified in pastoral care and youth work.  They respect all people, no matter who they are, where they are from or what their personal belief system is.

What does a YouthCARE School Chaplain do?

  • Listens compassionately and cares deeply for each and every student;
  • Provides pastoral care for students, staff and families;
  • Links the school with local community, support agencies and organizations;
  • Assists and supports in school events;
  • Facilitates pastoral support programs and resources;
  • Supports, mentors and encourages the school community;
  • Makes referrals to external agencies where necessary and
  • Encourages and empowers students and the school community for a positive outcome.


Programmes and Activities the Chaplain is Involved In

  • Providing a safe inviting space for Pastoral contact and appointments on a daily basis with students and the school community.
  • Targeted programmes aimed at supporting young people through difficult life changes.
  • Assisting families, connecting with the school and building rapport through provision of pastoral care and support.
  • Organising lunchtime groups to support social and emotional wellbeing of students.
  • Facilitating life skills crafts sessions e.g crocheting, sewing, knitting etc.
  • Playground supports and social skills facilitation.
  • Diversity initiatives to assist the integration of our multi-cultural families.