iSTAR Pedagogical Framework

At Campbell Primary School, we use the iSTAR pedagogical framework to design our lessons. iStar is a progressive pedagogy or teaching framework, offering a common language of learning across our school.


iStar Campbell Primary School


I – Inform / Inspire – this is where our learning intentions are shared with the students through our lesson or unit ‘WALT’ (We Are Learning To…). Teachers may also inspire the students through a ‘hook’ to introduce the topic such as a short animated clip, story or craft activity.

The success criteria of the lesson is shared with the students through the ‘WILF’ (What I Am Looking For..). The ‘WILF’ is split into three levels: All students can:, Most students can: and Some students can:.This makes learning visible: it enables all students to access the learning at their own level and makes their next step clear.

iStar inform inspire


S – Show / Share – this is where the teacher will model a strategy and teach new learning. Sometimes, this may include the creation of or analysis of a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like).



T – Try / Transferthe students will have a ‘try’ at the activity in groups, pairs or individually whilst the teacher supports and scaffolds their learning.

A – Apply / Action – Now the student will work on an activity which will allow them to apply their learning independently.

The Try and Apply stages may be done over a series of lessons to help students gain mastery of the skills.

iStar Apply Action


R – Review / Revise – At key points during the lesson and at the end of the lesson the learning will be reviewed and reflected upon using the success criteria.