Partnerships with Parents

The ‘Partnerships with Parents’ Program is a Campbell Primary School initiative that commenced in 2002, with the intent of forming genuine and ongoing partnerships with our parent community.

The initiative is based upon the strong belief that parents are the first teachers in their children’s lives and values the role parents play in their development. ‘Partnerships with Parents’ aims to empower parents by providing an opportunity to learn about aspects of child development and ways to support their child’s learning. It also aims to promote a smooth and successful transition into their schooling years. A large focus is to inform parents of programs and initiatives offered through Campbell Primary School’s Teaching and Learning Program.

A broad range of presentations and workshops are offered across the school calendar. Some include:

  • Transition into Kindergarten/Pre primary
  • Supporting your child with Reading
  • Building resiliency through ‘The Highway Heroes’ Program
  • The Differentiated Curriculum
  • The Arts Program at Campbell Primary School
  • Transition to Middle Primary School
  • Gifted and Talented Program
  • Using technology in the classroom

‘Partnerships with Parents’ workshops are advertised via the Campbell Primary School’s website, Facebook page and Connect. Workshops are presented by expert teaching staff from Campbell Primary School as well as professional organisations. Presentations run at the commencement and end of the school day on different week days. Some workshops include opportunities for parents to visit their child’s classroom to view a specific program in action. Other presentations are offered after school hours allowing working parents to attend.

The ‘Partnerships with Parents’ program is a highly successful program which continues to evolve to meet the needs of our diverse Campbell Community.


Resources from Workshops

Numero Parent Handout

Supporting Reading in Year One – Parent Information Session


Supporting Home Reading in Pre-primary – Parent Information Session


Home Reading in Pre-primary


Partnerships With Parents Workshops Held

Better Beginnings Reading Comprehension

A Better Beginnings reading comprehension talk that was delivered in conjunction with the Libraries in the local area. Parents were informed of what’s on offer to families with young children at the libraries within their vicinity.

Parents were given a brief on the importance of shared reading time at home with their child and how questioning can be used to enhance their understanding of the text read.

A weekly home reading program is being implemented in Kindy at Campbell Primary School this term to support students in their reading comprehension.

Kindy families were treated to a take home bag complete with a beautiful picture book and library

Scholastic Literacy Pro

Year 3 parents had the opportunity to attend a Partnership with Parents information session about Scholastic Literacy Pro. Parents had the chance to log into their students profile to discover what is available. Students have the ability to take comprehension quizzes on library books, read books online and teachers can assign books for students. Parents left with a comprehensive understanding of Lexile levels and how they are used in our school.


Those who attended learnt how to play the game and then put their new skills to the test by going back to classes and play with their child.  Many who attended purchased Numero cards through the administration office so they can maintain the momentum by playing at home.

Effective Reading Strategies

The parents of Pre Primary students were invited to attend an Effective Reading Strategy Workshop.  We had over 40 parents attend.  The parents were given strategies to help their child with reading and understanding books when at home.  All parents thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and are eager to try these strategies for themselves.