Class Placement Guidelines


Campbell Primary School has a process in place for allocating students into classes each year. The procedure ensures that the professional judgement of both the teaching staff and executive leadership staff is informed and that all available information is applied to the placement process. The interests of children are paramount to the decisions taken by the school.

Classes are formed to provide the best possible learning environment for all students within the budgetary constraints and Department of Education guidelines.


The School commits to supporting the Class Placement Guidelines by:

  • Using informed professional judgement when deciding class placements; and
  • Considering all available information, to assist the process.


Parents and carers commit to supporting the school’s Class Placement Guidelines by:

  • Supporting and accepting decisions made by the School; and
  • Being positive with their child about the class placement decision that has been made.


1. The Executive Team determines structure options for the following year based upon anticipated enrolments, enrolment trends and the need for flexibility.

2.  In Term 4, the Principal advises parents via the school newsletter that student placements are being considered for the following year. Parents and carers may provide the Principal with specific information about their child’s learning needs that they believe the school may not be aware of. Such information would not include a request for a particular teacher. The information should be provided in writing (letter or email) to the Principal. This information will be referenced, along with other available information, during the class placement process.

 Parents are advised that these requests are considered but not automatically accommodated.

3.   Staff members in each Year level meet to determine the placement of their current students for the following year, taking into consideration the criteria below:

  •  Classes are to be homogenous with respect to academic performance, social development and classroom behaviour
  • Special educational needs of a student
  • Gender balance
  • School psychologists recommendations
  • Friendships – classes will be set to both enable the integration of new students and provide opportunity for students to broaden their friendship group.
  • Class placements in previous years
  • Constraints of resources or facilities

4.    Class lists will be formed and then reviewed by all staff.

5.  Class lists are then submitted to the Executive team for further review.

Should there be the need to form a composite Year level class, the professional judgement of the Principal, Executive team and relevant teaching staff from the previous year will decide the placement of individual students.

The final decision on class placement remains with the Principal.

Class Lists will be sent to families by email the day before students commence school. The class lists will also be displayed in the undercover area on the morning students start school. Staff will be available to direct parents to classes on the morning school starts.

 Parents are encouraged to organise a meeting with the classroom teacher, Year Level Assistant Principal and/or Principal following the Communication and Complaints Policy if there are any concerns.

Ratified 2017