Student Leadership and Engagement Policy


Developing a student leadership framework is a Business Plan (2016-2019) strategy the implementation of which will result in students demonstrating increased leadership skills and partaking in more whole school responsibilities. Formal Year 6 leadership roles are those of Student Councillor and Faction Captain. Their roles and responsibilities are set out below:


Student Faction Leader Privileges

  • Represent their Faction at Internal and Upper Primary assemblies
  • Lead their Factions during sports events and carnivals
  • Wear Faction Leader badges


Student Faction Leader Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership and role modelling during sports events
  • Assist the Physical Education Specialist teacher to manage lunchtime sports and equipment
  • Maintain the good order of the sports store
  • Wear the school and/or faction uniform as appropriate
  • Display the fair play approach and model the Campbell PS virtues: Respect, Responsibility and Friendliness to retain their role


Student Councillor Privileges

  • Student leaders will have prominent roles in school events
  • Year 6 student leaders will be provided with opportunities to show initiative
  • Welcome special guests and represent the school at official functions
  • Wear Student Councillor badges
  • Attend an excursion to State Parliament House
  • Participate in student leadership conferences, such as GRiP


Student Councillor Responsibilities

  • Agree to abide by the terms of the Student Council Contract
  • Display responsible behaviour and model the Campbell PS virtues to retain their role
  • Attend and actively participate in regular Councillor meetings
  • Assist in organising the school assemblies and events
  • Wear school uniform
  • Assist the school Executive Team as required
  • Support and assist students requiring assistance at break time
  • Speak publicly and provide duties as Masters of Ceremony as required
  • Hand out positive behaviour tokens during recess and lunch breaks
  • Plan and implement regular fund raising activities to benefit recognised charity organisations as per the Campbell Philanthropic Policy



  • There are 8 Student Councillors, 8 Faction Captains and 8 Faction Vice Captains
  • All positions are elected in Term 4 for the following year.
  • All Year 5 students are eligible to run for election
  • Candidates may give a two minute speech to canvass for votes
  • Year 4 & 5 students vote for the student leader positions
  • Administration staff will consider the voting returns when awarding leadership positions
  • Newly elected leaders will shadow existing leaders to learn their roles
  • This process will be coordinated by the designated Year 6 teacher responsible for student councillors, assisted by the Year 6 team Line Manager