Creative Schools Program

The Creative Schools program, which has been running since 2018 supported by the Department of Education WA, presents Creativity as a model which can be broken down and taught consciously. Students are supported to understand and develop the ‘Five Habits of Learning’, habits they all need to be successful. These habits – imagination, inquisitiveness, discipline, persistence and collaboration – link directly to the General Capabilities in the WA curriculum.


Over the course of Term 2 and 3, Year 6 teachers Miss Gibson and Mr Kujawksi will be collaborating with two Creative Practitioners, Trudi Bennett and Naomi West, who will combine their skills to work with their two classes.

The program will itself be a surprising process. Students will need to be bold, freely offering ideas to address problems they encounter and assuming responsibility for their learning. Through participating in creative learning projects, students will be provided with opportunities to develop and extend their critical thinking skills, as they work collaboratively to solve problems
and reflect critically on solutions.

The Creative Habits of Learning are personal attributes that we all hope to possess as adults and use competently in a subconscious way. We were not born with them, we stumbled through our childhood not knowing we needed to learn these new skills. Many of us would have learned collaboration, inquisitiveness, persistence, imagination and discipline through a mix of experience with trial and error, through observing others and through mentoring advice from parents and teachers.

Students in the program practise implementing new ideas and strategies to work on their creativity in a conscious way until they become subconsciously competent at these new skills. They can then apply them in every area of their learning and their lives.

We are looking forward to sharing the Creative Schools experience with the rest of the school community as it progresses. Keep checking here for news and updates!

View the video below to find out more about Creative Schools or visit the Creative Schools website.