Kindergarten at Campbell Primary School

Campbell Kindergarten is located at the main school site on Campbell Road, Canning Vale.  There are three sessional Kindergarten classes. Each class attends the centre for five days each fortnight. Students come from the Campbell Primary School catchment area.  All students participate in the same curriculum; they play together and learn from each other.

Early Childhood Education is highly valued at Campbell Primary School as it provides the building blocks for all subsequent successful learning. Students learn through a wide variety of hands-on interactive experiences that build on the prior learning of each child. The curriculum is based on the Western Australian Curriculum, Early Years Learning Framework and the seven areas of the National Quality Standards and supports the central themes of Being, Belonging and Becoming.

Team planning is collaborative and focused on addressing the needs and interests of all children. There is an ongoing emphasis on early intervention and the school works closely with outside agencies to identify and provide for students who require additional support, particularly in the areas of social and emotional development, speech and occupational therapy.

Parent participation is encouraged through a range of activities including Mother’s and Father’s days, Harmony Week celebrations, a parent help roster, information sessions and the provision of parent workshops on a variety of topics including nutrition and reading with your child.

Department of Education – Resources for Kindergarten Families

Parents are asked to click on the below links to view important information from the Department of Education’s website on what to expect when their child starts Kindergarten.

Learning from Home

Hello Kindergarten Booklet English and translated versions

Say Hello to School for Aboriginal Families

Your child – 2 to 4 years old

This magazine is published by the WA Child and Adolescent Health Service, and covers a range of topics such as development, behaviour, sleep, healthy eating and toilet training.

Please click on this link 

Campbell Primary School ‘Starting Kindergarten’ Booklet

Please click HERE to view the Kindergarten Information Booklet


Transition from Home to Kindergarten at Campbell Primary School

View a PDF version here – Transition from home to Kindergarten

Healthy Food Choices