Interschool Athletics Carnivals

Please see below for the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the selection of students and important information for the Interschool Athletics Carnival.


How does my child get chose for a throws event or long distance running race event?

Students that place 1st and 2nd at our Campbell Primary School carnival are chosen to represent the school in throws or jumps events. The students that placed 3rd are allocated as the reserve.

Does my child get to participate or watch the event if they are a reserve?

Students that are a reserve are only to compete if a student is absent or injured on the carnival days, reserves are to stay at school.

How does my child get chosen for a sprint race event?

The top 6 runners from the Championship race are chosen to compete in the sprints (1st place in A division, 2nd place in B division, 3rd place in C division, 4th place in D division, 5th place in E division, 6th place in F division, 7th place runner is reserve).

How does my child get chosen for a team games event?

The sprint runners and throws competitors are selected to make the teams for the team games events. A total of 10 students are needed for team games the Physical Education Teacher selects students based on their speed, throwing and catching abilities and their sportsmanship.

Does my child train for the Interschool Athletics Carnival?

Yes, the Year 5 and 6 students train during their senior sport time on a Friday with the PE teacher. Years 3 and 4 students train at lunchtimes with the PE teacher.

What does my child need to pack for the Interschool Athletics Carnival days?

Students need to arrive to school in their Interschool representative shirt (shirt needs to be washed after the carnival days and returned to the PE teacher ASAP), school shorts and runners. Students must bring a hat to participate, and recommended to bring two drink bottles in their school bags with their recess and lunch.

Where is the Interschool Athletics Carnival held?

To be advised when the venue has been confirmed.

Are spectators able to attend the Interschool Athletics Carnival days?

Spectators are welcome to attend but are respectfully asked to stay within the bunted off areas and maintain appropriate social distancing.