School Vision

Vision Statement

For all students to have the knowledge, skills and values required to make a positive contribution to society and meet the challenges of their changing world.


Mission Statement

To nurture the hearts and minds of all.


Core Values

Respect, Resilience and Kindness.



Dream Believe Achieve.


  • Dream – Goal setting
  • Dream – Innovation
  • Dream – Think – Plan – Learn – Learning is thinking
  • Dream – A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring in the mind.
  • Dream – A condition or achievement that is longed for, an aspiration.
  • Dream – A hope.


  • Believe – Importance of belief in oneself.
  • Believe – Spiritual.
  • Believe – To have faith.
  • Believe – To have faith, confidence and trust.
  • Believe – To have confidence in the value of learning.
  • Believe – To positively use the thinking process to form an informed opinion.


  • Achieve – Learning is ongoing.
  • Achieve – Work towards your goals.
  • Achieve -To perform or carry out with success.
  • Achieve – To attain with effort or despite difficulty.
  • Achieve –  To accomplish something successfully.
  • Achieve – Perform at a standard or above standard level.