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COVID-19 coronavirus

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Department of Education COVID Information  COVID 19 

8 February 2022 – COVID Operational Guidelines – Frequently Asked Questions and Information




Health Advice: Mandatory Vaccination Policy Update

Thursday, 2 June 2022 @5:06PM

Dear parents and carers,


The WA government announced that from 10 June 2022, the mandatory vaccination policy would be updated in line with health advice. This means that staff in schools and residential facilities will no longer need to be vaccinated.


The triple dose vaccination requirements only remain in place for those working in healthcare and health support, workers in residential aged care, and workers in residential disability settings.


The change also means that parents and carers who regularly visit, volunteers, third party providers and contractors are not required to be vaccinated to enter a school or residential facility.


It is also important to remember that the removal of the vaccine mandate does not mean the pandemic is over. We continue to follow health advice and COVID-19 safe protocols, such as staying home when sick, wearing a mask as required, taking a daily RAT when identified as a close contact, and having good hand hygiene. I encourage you to visit the HealthyWA website for further information about COVID-19.


If you have any queries, please contact 9456 8300.


Thank you for your support.

COVID- Supporting Students in Isolation

Created by Lynnette Bates

Wednesday, 6 April 2022 @3:51PM

Dear parents and carers

As we all know, there are currently high numbers of COVID-19 positive cases in Western Australia. Our school’s priority is the safety of our students and staff. Keeping the community safe is a shared responsibility and I am writing to advise how our school is managing positive cases.

Once the school is aware that a COVID-19 positive student or staff member has been infectious while at school, we will identify close contacts from school and advise them of the testing and isolation requirements. The school is only responsible for identifying close contacts that occur during school and at school-based activities.

When transmission risk is likely (e.g. mask is not worn at all times) through activities outside of school, and a family member becomes COVID-19 positive, parents and carers are responsible for informing friends and community members that are close contacts that they meet the close contact definition.

For example, if a child attended a party at the weekend and tested positive on Monday, the parent/carer should contact anyone they interacted with, where masks were not worn for:

·         15 minutes with face-to-face contact


·         2 hours in a small room.

The infectious period starts 48 hours before symptoms develop or 48 hours prior to a positive test if the person does not have symptoms. Therefore, anyone who meets the close contact definition above over that weekend should be contacted. has information on close contacts, the close contact definition and isolation requirements should you require further clarity on how to identify a close contact.

Please continue to let us know if your child becomes COVID-19 positive, or if your child is required to isolate due to being a household close contact. Parents and carers are reminded that the staff have prepared very comprehensive Learning from Home units of work for students to access during possible periods of isolation. Information on how to access these units of work will be emailed to families once we are advised that your child is isolating. We are committed to ensuring students continue to learn and we will provide learning for students should they need to isolate.

Thank you for your continued support for keeping our schools COVID-19 safe.

Kind regards

Lynne Bates


Principal’s Address  21 March 2022

Created by Lynnette Bates

Monday, 21 March 2022 @2:33PM

Dear Parents and Carers,


We are starting to see an increase in the number of students, staff and/or their family members having COVID-19. Of course, this is having an impact upon the school’s operations. Your child is likely to have different teachers from time to time over the coming weeks. They also may have one of the specialist teachers or a deputy or principal as their class teacher.  We appreciate your understanding during this time.

You would also be aware that many of our school events have been postponed. This is due to the Very High Caseload Guidelines we are required to put in place. Schools have been requested to minimise cohort and contacts where possible. As such, there are several changes to our normal operations. I have listed below some of the ways in which we are doing this at our school:

Assemblies/Whole school activities

  • Online WebEx delivery.
  • Use of Microsoft Teams and online platforms to share key presentations and critical information to parents, staff and students. This includes P&C and School Board meetings.

Staff meetings and gatherings

  • Meetings held via online.
  • Staff eating recess and lunch in their teaching blocks.
  • Physical separation of key staff (e.g. limiting access to other staff workspaces). Staff stay within their block and do not cross teaching blocks unless required to do so.


  • Staggered recess and lunch breaks with half cohorts of students at a time.
  • Specialist areas taking Year Level cohorts on given days.

Outdoor learning/activities

  • Increased opportunities for outdoor learning.
  • Scheduled breaks within a lesson outside, eg Crunch and Sip
  • Separated play/recreational areas with daily rotations of play areas on the school oval.

Teaching and learning

  • Education Assistants assigned to cohorts.
  • Executive Team members allocated to blocks except the Principal who goes across all teaching blocks.

Health and Hygiene Practices

  • Allocated toilet blocks for cohorts of students. (e.g. year levels).


  • Year based roster for use of the library. Establish bulk loans opportunities.


As you can see we have put a lot in place to support minimising the spread of COVID-19 within our school. We expect that this will be in place through Term 2 also.


Furthermore, given the requirements to minimise contact between cohorts we are not able to run our before and after school clubs, these include:

Dance Troupes


School Choir/Ensembles

Before school fitness class

How can you assist as a parents?

 Please read all the information that is sent out to you regarding COVID-19 and requirements regarding isolation.

  • Please let the school know immediately if your child has tested positive to COVID-19 by emailing This allows us to determine close contacts and advise families quickly. Please be aware, we do not publicly identify individual students as COVID positive.
  • If your child is isolating at home following being identified as a close contact from someone at school, please let the school know that they are returning to school as they have returned a negative RAT test or PCR test by completing the survey sent out via SMS.

I appreciate that parents and students may be disappointed with many of the operational changes we have put in place, however, I do expect that you will be supportive and understanding of the changes.  Comparisons to what others schools may be doing is not helpful. I remain steadfast in supporting the guidelines we are given from the Department of Education and for prioritising your child’s health and well-being, at all times.

We are in a pandemic and doing all we can to ensure that your child’s well-being and time at school is maximised and met with minimal disruption. This is our priority.

 Kind regards,

Lynne Bates


COVID-19 Update 14.03.2022

Created by Lynnette Bates

Monday, 14 March 2022 @3:47PM

Dear parents/carers,

I write to advise that there has been a further positive case of COVID-19 at Campbell Primary School. This brings our total of students at Campbell PS, that have tested positive to COVID-19 to four. Two of these cases have required us to contact parents, as students have been identified as a close contact. The other two cases were not at school during their infectious period.

This information should come as a timely reminder for all members of the community to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and seek testing if symptoms develop.

Parents are to note that if we are advised of a positive COVID -19 case in your child’s class, this is the process Administration will follow:

·         determine who is deemed a close contact;

·         Parents/carers will receive an SMS informing them to collect their child;

·         Further information will be sent directly to parent’s email;

·         Parent collect their child and complete a RAT or PCR; and,

·         Parents of identified close contacts are to advise the school if their child returns a positive COVID-19 test result.

If the RAT or PCR result is negative, the child can return to school the next day, and each day after, as long as they have not developed any symptoms and return a negative PCR or RAT on day 7. If your child develops any symptoms during this time, they should be kept home. Parents are reminded that children identified as close contacts are to remain in isolation outside of attending school.

Should your child be required to have a COVID-19 test, information on COVID-19 testing is available through the Department of Health.

We appreciate that a COVID-19 case/outbreak may disrupt student routines. In these times, it is important to keep a positive sense of wellbeing in all aspects of life: this includes physical, mental, social and emotional.

If you wish to access further information regarding COVID-19 I urge you to view the WA Health website.

If you have any concerns about your child during this time, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 9456 8300.

Kind regards,

Lynne Bates


Campbell Primary School

Mask Wearing at School Information for Parents

Created by Lynnette Bates

Monday, 7 March 2022 @3:10PM


Dear parents and carers,

Level 2 public health measures introduced from Thursday 3 March 2022, require adults and children in Year 3 and above to wear a mask everywhere. I thank parents for their support with these health measures. The students have managed this measure with great resiliency. The staff have been very supportive of our students enabling them to adjust to such measures. As with adults, there are exemptions that apply to children in regard wearing of masks. These are listed below:


·        Staff and students from Year 3 and above must wear a mask at all times unless:

o   the person has a physical, developmental or mental illness, condition or disability which makes wearing a face covering inappropriate;

o   communicating with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing and visibility of the mouth is essential for communication;

o   the person is engaged in physical activity, including physical education classes and organised sport;

o   the person is consuming food, drink or medicine provided, they do not need to be seated; and/or

o   staff are providing teaching or instructions to students; however, staff are encouraged to wear masks even when teaching, where practicable.


Whilst not included in the Level 2 public health measures, masks are encouraged for Kindergarten to Year 2 based on advice from the Chief Health Officer. Parents may wish to provide a mask for their child if they are in Kindergarten to Year 2 also.


Adults, including parents and carers, must wear a mask on school sites, even when outdoors unless physical distancing can be maintained.  Exemptions and exceptions continue to apply.


I thank you for your anticipated support as we manage the Level 2 public health measures. I have published some responses to questions you may have regarding the wearing of masks below.

Kind regards,

Lynne Bates


MASK Wearing


What if I am unable to provide a mask for my child?

Students are expected to bring their own mask to school, but the school will have spare masks if a student arrives without one. Staff will provide a student with a mask if:

·        they do not have one.

·        their own mask is dirty or lost.

School staff manage the distribution of masks to students in these circumstances.

 How will the staff support my child with the requirement to wear a mask in the classroom?

Staff will use positive reinforcement to encourage and normalise correct mask wearing, as with other desired social behaviours such as wearing a hat when playing, walking on the pavement, and taking turns.

Will my child have to wear the mask all day?

No, children will be able to remove their mask at break times when eating and playing.

Students will not need to wear their mask whilst participating in any physical activity.

What if my child refuses to wear a mask at school?

·        Students must follow the public health directions and wear a mask indoors. Wearing masks in the classroom helps reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  • The administration staff will discuss individual circumstances with families.
  • Staff will use positive strategies to encourage compliance with mask wearing requirements, in line with other behaviour management strategies already used in our school.

Parents/carers who indicate their child is exempt

While principals do not need to sight medical certificates for students with a known disability that would also act as an exemption, the principal may request medical evidence where a parent/carer indicates an exemption for their child that is unknown to the school.

Parents/carers should speak with the principal to discuss any possible exemptions.

The principal may consider isolating a student while evidence is being sought with reference to the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA), section 72A, and the COVID Transition (Face Covering) Directions (No 3).

I can see that some children at school in Year 3 and above are not wearing a mask. Why is this allowed?

Parents and carers are reminded that some students in our school have an exemption and are not required to wear a mask. Parents must not approach and question any student that does not wear a mask to school.

COVID-19 Close Contacts Update

Created by Lynnette Bates

Monday, 7 March 2022 @3:07PM


Dear parents and carers,

This afternoon I received further advice from the Department of Education in reference to the recently updated WA Health rules regarding close contacts of COVID-19 cases linked to schools.

Effective immediately, household members are no longer required to quarantine with a child who is identified as a close contact of a COVID-19 case.

We understand that a parent or carer may still need to stay home to care for a child quarantining, but the rest of the household, including siblings who have not been identified as close contacts, are not required to stay home.

As a household member of a close contact, it is important to take extra precautions, where possible, including:

·        minimise physical contact with the close contact

·        sleep separately from the close contact

·        use a separate bathroom from the close contact if possible

·        wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser

·        cover coughs and sneezes

·        Regularly clean all surfaces (such as tabletops, doorknobs and bathroom fixtures) by using household disinfectant or diluted bleach solution

·        wear a mask in shared areas or when caring for other members of the household.

It is important that members of the household monitor for COVID-19 symptoms, and if symptoms develop, get tested immediately. If a person living in the house tests positive to COVID-19, all household members are close contacts and must self-isolate.

Kind regards,

Lynne Bates


Campbell Primary School


From the Principal – COVID Update

Created by Lynnette Bates

Wednesday, 23 February 2022 @4:23PM

Dear parents/carers,

 Firstly, thank you for your ongoing support in following the COVID -19 guidelines. As expected, whilst we are in a high case load environment, it is important that families are aware of the  isolation guidelines.  If or when this happens to your family, it is likely to be an anxious time. I want to reassure you that we will do all we can to minimise any level of anxiety this may cause your child.

 Alongside comprehensive preparedness for online learning from home for our students, we are also commencing sharing of social stories with classes next week. These stories will focus on the message of caring and supporting our friends during times of isolation and or illness.

 If you have any concerns regarding your child’s  well-being during such times, please let us know.

 I have attached the Department of Western Australia posters for your perusal, these posters outline when you or your child may need to isolate at home.


Lynne Bates



Monday, 21 February 2022 @8:05AM

Dear parent/carer

As you may be aware, on 18 February, the WA Government announced further public health and social measures to come into effect at 6.00am on Monday 21 February, details at

This includes the requirement for masks to be worn indoors all across WA.

That means teachers and staff in our school will need to wear masks indoors, unless exempt. Our students are not required to wear a mask however you can choose for your child to wear a mask indoors and that is encouraged.

You might want to let your child know that they will see staff wearing masks, and that teachers may take their mask off when teaching. Our staff will explain to our students the importance of wearing a mask.

I want to assure you that the health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority and we will continue to follow the latest WA Health advice at .

Thank you to all students and parents for your understanding and support during these times.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 9456 8300.

Lynne Bates


FROM THE PRINCIPAL – COVID UPDATE Operational Requirements

Monday, 7 February 2022 @5:03PM

Dear parents/carers,
This afternoon, some additional conditions were released by the Chief Health Officer in reference to the increase in COVID cases.
As of tomorrow morning, parents/carers are not able to enter classrooms. Parents/carers can only be on-site to drop off and pick up their child/ren at the classroom door. Parents must be wearing a mask when on school grounds.
Given that parents/carers cannot enter classrooms, the parent teacher meetings scheduled for this week have now been cancelled. Teachers will send out all information that was to be covered by early next week.
Assemblies are cancelled until further notice, with further operational changes in response to the CHO conditions to be sent out tomorrow.
It is unfortunate that we are unable to have greater interaction with you as parents, however; I am sure that you appreciate that the need to limit possible exposure is in the best interest of the health and well-being of our community.
I thank you for your understanding and support in following the guidelines provided by the Director General of Education this afternoon.


Created by Lynnette Bates

Friday, 4 February 2022 @10:32AM

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I am writing to let you know of some changes to gatherings at school sites. These changes are necessary to minimise the number of students and staff impacted by the presence of a person in our school community, who unknowingly may be COVID positive.

The Chief Health Officer has advised that schools should limit in-school gatherings of students and staff to class groups or small groups within a year level.  This is to minimise the number of students or staff impacted by the presence of a positive case.  

At this stage, it is not necessary for us to postpone or cancel infrequent special events, such as interschool carnivals, camps, or school balls.  As previously announced, further public health measures may be stepped up in line with high caseloads in the community, which WA is not yet experiencing.

All operational changes and advise provided to schools by the Department of Education will be posted on the school’s website on the following tab:

COVID-19 | Campbell Primary School

Please visit the website frequently for up-to-date information.

We will continue to provide your child with quality teaching and learning as we take sensible and proportionate actions to respond to the changing environment we are living in with COVID-19. If you have any questions in relation to this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Lynne Bates


Letter from the Principal 26 January 2022

Dear Parents/Carers,
The Campbell Primary School staff are all excited to be welcoming your children back to school on Monday 31 January. The executive team and staff have been and will continue to plan for the start of term. The school has a comprehensive contingency plan for COVID for the school year. However, given the changing nature of the pandemic and health advice, this plan remains somewhat fluid. I want to assure you that the health and safety of our students and staff remains our top priority and we will continue to follow the Department of Education guidelines and the latest WA Health advice at As of today, you have the latest information provided to us from the Department of Education. I will be continuing to provide regular updates regarding any changes to our operations through the term, as is required.
I will be working with the staff on our COVID planning on the School Development days, and staff will also have time to further enhance our learning from home packages for when they may be required.
I am confident that through working together, being vigilant in our planning and following preventative measures we will provide our students and school community with the best possible conditions to minimise potential risk of COVID within our school. No doubt there will be challenges, but I wish to reassure you that the Department of Education and our school staff are prepared in the event of an increase in COVID cases and possible COVID transmission within our school.
For the safety of our students and staff we are following the latest heath advice and I have attached a factsheet on our Safe return to school plan, this is located on CONNECT in the LIBRARY section. This shows how we will work together to keep our students, staff and school community safe.
As you will be aware, public health and social measures are in effect for the Perth and Peel (including Rottnest Island) and South West regions, details at This includes the requirement for masks to be worn while indoors at school in these regions.
That means teachers and staff in our school will need to wear masks indoors. Primary students are not required to wear a mask, but are encouraged to do so. You might want to let your child know that they will see staff wearing masks, and that teachers may take their mask off when teaching. Our staff will explain to our students the importance of wearing a mask as together we work through this transition. You can choose for your child to wear a mask indoors and that is allowed.
Thank you to all students and parents for your understanding and support during these times.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 9456 8300.
Please go to this link to view the COVD Fact Sheet from the Department of Education
I wish you all a safe 2022.
Lynne Bates