Numeracy at Campbell Primary School

At Campbell Primary School, our aim is to ensure that Mathematics plays a key role in the development of students’ numeracy and assists learning across the curriculum. A Business Plan has been developed to ensure students learn to use ideas about number and algebra, measurement and geometry , statistics and probability, to describe, interpret and reason about their social and physical world. Teachers implement a range of strategies to develop students’ mathematical understandings, reasoning and problem solving skills. Students are explicitly taught mathematical concepts, problem solving skills and calculation strategies to assist computation.

At Campbell, an eclectic teaching and learning approach is followed, with a variety of resources such as a range of texts, concrete materials and digital technology (such as laptops and Smart boards) being incorporated into our Mathematic programs to expand students’ knowledge and provide tools for learning mathematics.

NAPLAN data continues to show very strong achievement and progress across all areas of the Mathematics Curriculum. Teachers use this data to drive team and year level planning.

The profile of Mathematics within the school has been further strengthened through the development of initiatives including whole school celebrations or 120 day, the use of Maths Online throughout the school, the use of Numero as a core practise strategy and the offering of the Mathematics Olympiad as a part of the Gifted and Talented Program at the school.

2020 Maths Operational Plan

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