Our Beliefs

At Campbell Primary School we believe effective teaching;

  • Requires the establishment and maintenance of a supportive, inclusive, positive, orderly and safe learning environment.
  • Encompasses the whole child and acknowledges and fosters all facets of the student and their well-being, accommodating the different needs of students.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the General Capabilities (including the use of ICT) and effectively incorporates these into teaching and learning sequences in meaningful ways, that add depth and richness to student learning.
  • Follows the cyclic model of diagnostic assessment, collaborative planning based on improvement, teaching and review. It reflects current research in best practice, is evidence based and is based on analysis of current data.
  • Includes clearly stated intentions, modelling, guided and independent practice, success criteria and review.
  • Requires explicit, timely and ongoing feedback to all students about their learning, encouraging and supporting students to have high expectations and take responsibility for their leaning through individual goal setting and review.