Student School Reports on Connect

School reports are published to Connect at the end of each Semester.

It is our recommendation that you use the website to access Connect rather than the Connect App as the App is a watered down version of Connect and does not have the full functionality.

Navigate to  via the internet browser on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Enter your Parent Username – it starts with a P and then a series of numbers.

Enter your Password.

Tick – I have read and understand the Appropriate use of Online Services Information.

Click Login.

Select My Children.


If My Children is not the first thing you see

Click the Connect Icon in the middle of the page.

If you have multiple students at Campbell Primary School

Click the Change button in the top left corner to select the student report you wish to view. 

If you have one student at Campbell Primary School

Your child will already be selected.

If  you are viewing on a mobile device

From the top left click on the Connect symbol.

Click My Children.

Select a student.

Click the 3 lines under


Click Reports

The available reports for your student will be displayed.

Click on the report you wish to view to open it.

To view further student reports click back to the change button and select the student report to view.

Student reports are saved on Connect for future reference.

To learn more about Connect click on the online help documents at the bottom right of the Connect home page.

Go to the School Reports and Grades page to learn more about Campbell Primary School reporting.