Acceptable Online Usage Policy

If you use the online services of the Department of Education and Training you must agree to the following rules:

  • I will use the school computer only with the permission of a teacher.
  • I will follow all instructions from teachers when using school computers.
  • I will not let anybody else know my password.
  • I will not let others use my online services account unless it is with the teacher’s permission.
  • I will not access other people’s online services accounts.
  • I know that I am responsible for anything that happens when my online services account is used.
  • I will tell my teacher if I think someone is using my online services account.
  • I know that the school and the Department of Education and Training may see anything I send or receive using the email service.
  • I will make sure that any email that I send or any work that I wish to have published is polite, carefully written and well presented.
  • I will use material from web sites only if I have permission to do so.
  • If I use material in my work that I have found on the web services, I will say where it comes from.
  • If I see any information on the computer that makes me feel uncomfortable I will tell my teacher straight away.
  • I will not reveal personal information, including names, addresses, photographs, credit card details and telephone numbers of myself or others
  • I will not damage or disable the computers, computer systems or computer networks of the school, the WA Department of Education and Training or any other organisation.