The Arts

The Arts at Campbell Primary School

The Arts program at Campbell Primary School encompasses music, drama and media arts.  The Arts learning programs endeavour to engage, challenge, inspire and empower students.  Students participate actively in these arts areas through individual and collaborative learning experiences.  Their learning experiences incorporate a variety of arts practices and traditions of other times, places, cultures and contexts.  Students use their imagination, innovation, critical thinking and aesthetic understanding to stimulate and encourage creative and expressive potential.  Through Arts learning students are able to:

  • Explore the world and their place in it
  • Connect socially, emotionally, mentally and physically with their learning
  • Develop self-expression
  • Learn in an interactive way with a focus on process
  • Take ownership of their learning through creativity
  • Engage and transfer learning to other areas


Music at Campbell Primary School

Students undertake the development of music knowledge and skills to actively listen, analyse, improvise, compose and perform music.  They are encouraged to interpret and apply musical elements in a wide variety of musical experiences as performers and audience members.

PP- Year 6 students are offered regular classroom based musical learning experiences using a combination of Orff and Kodaly approaches in relation to the WA SCSA Music Curriculum.  Musical literacy learning experiences focus on the elements of music through singing, moving, playing, dynamics, form, and timbre. Tuned and non-tuned percussion instruments are utilised within the classroom music program along with recorder and ukulele.

CPS also offers a Junior and Senior Choral Program for those who love to sing or wish to increase their musical skills. Both choirs are non-auditioned and rehearse weekly.  Choirs have performed admirably at school assemblies, Massed Choir Festivals, End of Year concerts and other special events such as ANZAC Day services, Evening on the Green, and Grandparents Day.

The school is involved in the Instrumental Music Schools Services (IMSS) program for year 5 & 6 students and has tuition available through a scholarship selection process (selected at end of Year 4) for Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Low Brass, Percussion and Guitar. Instrumental students have opportunities to perform at assemblies, end of year concerts, in general music classes and other special events.

All Year 6 instrumental students have access to the Canning Vale College (CVC) Junior Band who rehearse weekly on site at the College.  This partnership with the College offers a smooth transition pathway for students to enter high school.  The CVC Junior Band are involved in concert performances throughout the year.

Music at CPS provides a rich curriculum experience with its subject specific content as well as being connected to other Arts subjects and curriculum learning areas in informal, complementary and interdependent ways.


Drama and Media at Campbell Primary School

Year 5 & 6 students explore Drama and Media Arts skills throughout the year.

Through Drama processes, students are given opportunities to develop reading, writing, listening, speaking, and performance skills. They explore and learn to apply the ten elements of drama when creating improvised, devised or scripted drama.  Students are encouraged to build script formatting and conventions including planning and documentation. Drama will broaden our students’ knowledge and encourage them to take risks and be creative and critical thinkers.

In the study of Media Arts, students learn to interpret, analyse and develop media practices through a range of experiences including film-making, photography and digital storytelling. They are inspired to imagine, collaborate, plan, design and produce media artworks using the four media codes and conventions. Media Arts will encourage our students to become critical viewers of media content and creative producers of media work in an increasingly screen-based digital world.