ICT Student Usage Policy (includes BYOD iPad Program)


Effective delivery of the Western Australian Curriculum includes the development of skills in the use of ICT. Students are taught how to effectively and appropriately access, create, share and communicate information and ideas, solve problems, show initiative and work collaboratively across all the learning areas. At Campbell PS we have researched current trends and best practice in ICT.

This policy is designed to enable students to use iPads and other technologies to enhance their learning in a safe, secure environment. It is also to help keep each device secure, working properly and used in a productive and appropriate manner.

Responsibilities of the Student:


  • I will protect my iPad by always carrying it in its protective case.
  •  I will bring my iPad to school clean and fully charged each day.
  •  I will keep my iPad in my bag going to and from school and in a secure place when not used.
  • I will keep food and drinks away from my iPad/school devices.
  •  My iPad is for my use. I will not let someone else use or borrow it at school.
  •  If I am working in a pair or group with my iPad, we may use it as a group, but it will only be used with me in my group.
  •  I will tell my teacher or parents about any accidents or breakages straight away.
  • If I can’t use my iPad, I still have to complete all of my work.
  •  I am responsible for my iPad and making sure it is used safely and securely.
  • I will use a passcode on my iPad and I will not give my passcode to other students.

Using the iPad:

  • I will use my iPad/school devices to help my learning and not for any other purpose while at school.
  • I will only use my iPad/school devices in class for the activity I am supposed to be doing.
  • I will not use my iPad/school devices for games, watching videos, use the internet or go on other apps unless my teacher or parent tells me to.
  •  I will not use my iPad at school before the siren. I will not take it out for recess or lunch.
  • I will close all the apps on my iPad before I get to class in the morning.
  •  I will turn off the iPad or screen and tell my teacher when something on my iPad/school device is unsuitable or makes me uncomfortable.
  • I will allow my parents or teachers to check my iPad at any time. This includes how it is being used, the photos, other content, books and what apps are installed.
  • I agree that if I use the iPad/school devices in the wrong way, there will be consequences for this, which may include losing the right to use my iPad/school devices in the classroom.

Digital Citizenship:

  • I will be cybersmart and cybersafe when using the internet.
  • I will not use my iPad/school devices for unsuitable uses, nor look up inappropriate material.
  • I will not use messaging or social media in class and only with permission from parents at home.
  • I will follow all the class rules for how we treat each other when on an iPad/school device.
  • I will not bully anyone online and will tell the teacher if I see this happening.
  • I only take photos/film of other people when I have been instructed and I have their permission.
  • I will follow the other rules for using the iPads/school devices that my teachers and parents set.

Student Agreement:

Student Agreement:

I understand and will follow the ICT Student Usage Policy of the school. I will also follow the class rules and my parents and teachers instructions in using the iPads/school devices.


Student Name: _______________________________ Date: _________________


Signature: ___________________________________


Parental Agreement:

I have read and agree to the ICT Student Usage Policy for my child. I accept that there will be further rules and guidelines for my child and the use of their iPad/school devices set in class by their teachers and the school.

I also agree:

• that the iPad is the responsibility of my child and our family and that the school takes no responsibility for the loss of, damage to or problems with the iPad.

• Maintenance and costs associated with the iPad are the responsibility of the parents.

• to have the iPad insured, or if we don’t insure it, that this is at our own risk.

• that my child may lose the right to use the iPad if they do not use it appropriately and that if it is confiscated that I might be required to collect it from the school.

• to work with the school in helping my child to become a 21st century learner and a productive, positive digital citizen.

• that there will be other classroom rules and instructions that my child will need to follow in using, caring for the iPads/school devices.



Parent Name: __________________________________ Date:


Signature: __________________________________


Ratified: 2023