Music Program

Music Education in the Classroom

Campbell Primary School offers a developmental music program from K-6 that is also integrated with the Dance and Visual Art areas of The Arts WA curriculum.  The music education program offered at Campbell Primary School is holistic, child focused and inclusive.  All students have the opportunity to be actively involved for an hour each week per semester in learning music through singing and playing. They have opportunities in the music classroom to compose, create and perform music while developing a repertoire of songs that target specific skills appropriate to their level of learning music.  The class music program selects songs that foster tuneful singing and aural development.  Creative movement is also integrated encouraging spatial awareness.  Students learn graphic and traditional notation in rhythm and melody.  Year 3-6 students receive tuition on recorder as part of the classroom music education program to further develop and enhance music literacy skills and music language.  Students with special needs are catered for in the music classroom through a modified curriculum and in class assistance from school Educational Assistants.

Special Senior Choir Program

Years 4-6 students are given the opportunity to join the Senior Choir program.  The Senior Choir rehearses once per week after school.  Traditionally, the school Senior Choir has performed at Massed Choir Festivals, school assemblies and special events throughout the school year.

Instrumental & IMMS Program

The school is involved in the Instrumental Music Schools Services (IMSS) program and has tuition available in Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Low Brass, Percussion and Classical Guitar.  Entry into the IMSS program is dependent upon a student’s musicianship skills through sitting a standardized Musical Aptitude Indicator (MAI) which occurs in Year 5.

Students who demonstrate excellence in music are encouraged to apply for scholarships to specialist music schools.

Year 5 students hire their instruments, except guitars which are required to be purchased.

Year 6 Students are required to purchase their instrument except for lower brass instruments which can be hired.

For percussion instruments please liaise with the IMMS Percussion Teacher.

Specialist Music Allocated Time

Students in year 6 are given the opportunity to join a music ensemble or instrumental club held once a week during the specialist allocated time.  This may take the form of a Ukulele Club or a small instrumental ensemble dependent on the needs and requirements of the students involved.

Music Incursions

A music incursion is planned each year for the whole school with a different group of professional musicians through various contemporary music artists and performers. This in house music event gives students the opportunity to hear, see and participate with professional musicians, linking real life to the class music program.


Campbell Primary School performs at many musical events throughout the year. These have included performances such as ANZAC Day, school assemblies, WAGSMS, the Massed Choir Festival, the Australian Band and Orchestra Conductors Festival as well as other musical events that may arise according to the needs of the students and school each year. Campbell Primary School also holds an annual evening cushion concert for family and friends at the end of each year.

Dream Believe Achieve

Campbell Primary School focuses on active participation in music.  Through individual and collaborative experiences that engage, inspire and enrich, students are given opportunities to continually develop their music skills and knowledge. Students are encouraged to reach their potential by using their music skills, imagination, creativity and expression.  These individual and collaborative experiences assist students to appreciate and engage in music practices at their level of skills, knowledge and understandings, as well as laying a foundation for ongoing music learning and development throughout their lives.  The fostering of making connections across other arts forms of Dance and Visual Art is promoted and integrated into the music curriculum.