Principal’s Address

2024 School Year 

February 2024

Good morning parents/carers,

It is hard to believe we are now in week 4 of term 1. It has been fantastic to see the students settle into their new classes with such enthusiasm and happiness. I also feel enthusiastic about the year ahead. Having long service leave last year was wonderful but I am now excited to be on site full time again.

Again, I thank all parents and carers for your support of our school in ensuring the children are well prepared for their schooling with books and uniforms. You are amazing families.

A warm welcome to our many new families who have just begun to experience our wonderful school. We wish you and your children a happy and productive experience at Campbell Primary School.

School Initiative

It has been wonderful to see so many of our students wearing their hats and them now having their names on them. This is really assisting staff to make a more personal connection with your children during break times. We will be doing another run of hats to be embroidered at the end of the term. Please look out for this information.

Special Visitor to Campbell PS

I am thrilled to advise that the Director General (DG) of the Department of Education – Lisa Rodgers will be visiting our school tomorrow. She is a widely respected leader in education and is committed to the progress and achievement of all young people. We are very excited to be welcoming the DG to our school. Our talented Year 6 students have prepared some very insightful questions to present to the DG. I look forward to posting some photos of this visit tomorrow afternoon.


On Monday morning the students took part in a fire drill, they did an exceptional job with all following instructions. Regular bushfire drills occur throughout the year to prepare both staff and students for such an event if required. We encourage families to also develop a family plan, for home in the event of a fire. Parents are also reminded that our school has a Bushfire Policy, which is located on the school’s website. I encourage all families to read through this policy.

Health Advice

A number of students enrolled within the school have allergies and in particular to peanuts. I am informed by the Health Department of WA that the occurrence of nut allergies is rising and is of concern within the general community.

Our duty of care at this stage is focused upon the students within our care who exhibit a variety of symptoms from minor, to extremely severe, on the slightest contact with nut-based products.

In conjunction with the parents of the individual students and their teachers, action plans and awareness have been developed and are in place within the school. The students themselves are aware of their allergies and can avoid the products when obvious.

The difficulty we have is that in several instances the smallest and most casual contact with nuts, nut dust and nut-based spreads including peanut paste and hazelnut spread, can cause a severe reaction.

As a result of discussions with the Health Department and parents, we are asking that parents of all students avoid all nuts and the use of nut-based spreads in the provision of snacks and lunches to students at the school.  This means avoiding peanut paste, hazelnut spread and bags of nuts. 

The staff and parents of children with significant allergies greatly appreciate you assisting us to keep their child safe.

Canteen Provided by Forest Crescent Primary School

It has been terrific to see the lunch orders provided by one of our local primary schools steadily increase over the last week. The menu looks amazing and provides great options. Please let us know if you are experiencing any difficulty in using the canteen app.  We also really need a few extra helpers to collect lunches. Please contact the front office if you can assist.

Parent Teacher interviews- Early Close this Wednesday

Parents are reminded that the school will close at 11:30am next Wednesday 28 February 2024. This early close allows for the staff to meet with parents and discuss how your child is settling into the new year. We look forward to working with all parents as partners in the education of your child/ren. 

School Start time and Duty of Care

A reminder that students that arrive at school before 8:15 am are to sit outside the administration office opposite the staff room. They will be dismissed from here, to the Boulevard area, at 8:15 am. Students should not arrive at school before 8:00 am.

Parents are also reminded that children are not to use playgrounds before or after school. 


As we start the year it is important for parents to remember that regular attendance at school will ensure student participation in education programmes.

A student who misses ten or more days of school per term is considered at educational risk. This is simply because they have not been able to regularly participate in the educational programmes and activities.

Regular attendance is of great importance to a child’s success at school. Please ensure that your child attends school regularly and if there are circumstances which prevent this, please talk to your child’s teacher. We advise parents that on most occasions in term holidays will be recorded as an unauthorised absence and we request that parents endeavour to plan holidays during the regulated break times.

Parents are asked to ensure that students arrive before the siren each day; classrooms will open at 8:25 am. If your child is late, they are required to go through the school office for a late pass and recording of arrival time. Parents will be contacted if lateness is an ongoing issue.

P&C General Meeting

The P&C are an invaluable resource to our school with a long history of parent involvement at Campbell Primary School. The P&C functions in the school include: bringing parents together to share information and views, stimulating community interest and participation in education, school banking, fundraising in support of the purchase of much needed resources throughout our school, community engagement opportunities and community events. Each year P&C meetings are held twice a term and run for an hour. Over the last 8 years I have observed tremendous dedication and commitment by all members of the P&C in supporting our school.

In order to enhance parents’ understanding of the role of the P&C the office bearers’ roles entail, I will hold a Partnership with Parents workshop on Tuesday morning 5 March, 2024 at 8:40am in the school library. This workshop will enable you to gain greater insight into the roles and functions of the P&C to then determine if you wish to join the P&C and maybe even take on one of the roles.

All parents/carers are invited to attend. A current representative from the P&C will also join me at this meeting. Please come along and enjoy learning more about the school Parent and Citizens Association.

If you would like more information about the P&C, please visit – The Western Australian Council of State School Organisations Incorporated (WACSSO)

Please also refer to the link on the school’s webpage for further information regarding the P&C roles.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart.” ~ Elizabeth Andrew


Kind regards

Ms Lynne Bates



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