Principal’s Address

2023 School Year 


2022 School Year

Principal’s Address December

Dear Parents/Carers,

This year has ended with many celebratory events including the Year 6 Graduation, Pre-primary to Year 5 Book Awards, Kindergarten Christmas Concerts and Evening on the Green. It was a pleasure to celebrate the progress and achievement of all of our students.

In what has been another challenging year we have continued to thrive.  This is testament of the strong sense of community that exists at Campbell Primary School. I thank all parents and carers for their continued trust in our school and for supporting us in every way. I make special mention of the work of our staff, from our educators to cleaners and the gardener they are an inspiration to work with, always going above and beyond to ensure high levels of care and success for our students.  I thank both Mrs Slee and Ms Goodsell for their exceptional leadership throughout the year. Thank you to our front office staff who again have shown high levels of care and compassion for our school community, we are privileged to have them be the face of our school.

To our students I say thank you for their incredible efforts over the course of the year. I know how hard they have worked to achieve their goals.  We have fabulous staff, wonderful students and a very supportive community all of which are enablers for an exemplary school.

For the families who are leaving Campbell this week for secondary school or for new schools, thank you for your support over the time you have been at Campbell PS, we wish both you and your child/ren every success for the future.

To our Year 6 students, it has been such a delight to watch you grow over the years that you have been at school. You are such a beautiful group of young people and I wish you all the very best for the future.

Thank you

A special thank you to Brad Habib for his gift of time. Brad recently volunteered his time to be the DJ for the Year 6 Graduation Dinner/Dance. He did a fabulous job; the students danced the night away.


We are thrilled to advise the community that our very own Physical Education specialist teacher – Miss Hayley Mews has been contracted to be the head coach of the Rangers WANL Netball Club.

Well done to Miss Mews.

Good Standing

Good Standing certificates will be sent home this week for students that have maintained their Good Standing for the term. Students in Years 4 to Year 6 will receive a letter of commendation if they have maintained their Good Standing all year.

Long Service Leave 2023

I wish to advise families that I will be taking long service leave on Thursdays and Fridays for all of 2023. On these days Ms Goodsell will be Principal.  Mrs Moorman will be assisting the Executive Team as acting Assistant Principal whilst Ms Goodsell is in the role of Principal.

Best wishes to all for a healthy and joyous break. I look forward to 2023 being a more settled and exciting year for staff, students and the school community.

Staffing 2023

The following staff will not be with us in 2023 due to retirement:

Mrs Sue Forman, (Mrs Forman has retired from her position as Manager of Corporate Services, however will remain with us for 1 day a week as the Media and Marketing promotions officer),  Mrs Julie Henwood, Mrs Carolyn Favazzo and Mrs Maxine Wylie.

I thank them all for their significant contribution to our school and wish all ladies every success in their retirement.

Other staff leaving this year include:

Ms Lisa Van Der Wielen who has been with Campbell Primary School for 19 years. Such a huge contribution, we thank you for all that you have done over the many years of service here at CPS. We wish you well at your new school.

Miss Katie Atterton, Miss Matilda Moon, Mrs Julie Cinanni, Miss Isabel Yap, Miss Rachel Kelly, Miss Louise McVicar, Mrs Emma Edwards, Miss Keira Hoare and Ms Nicola Adams will also leave us at the end of this year. I wish them all the best and thank them for their contributions to our school.

Incoming Staff for 2023

Miss Jemma Sayers, Mr Alex Meston, Mr James Cowan, Miss Renae Donnison, Mrs Janis Blake, Ms Sydney Kim, and Mrs Paula Kiersey will join our school in 2023. Many of the incoming staff have already completed a day of induction at CPS and are very much looking forward to joining our school.

Thank you to the School P&C

Once again, our P&C members have worked tirelessly to support community engagement and school fundraising. Their efforts have enabled us to run the Chaplaincy programme; have funding to purchase new sporting equipment plus equipment to support our Early Learning students.

A special thank you to Mrs Amy Cunnold, P&C President and the committee.

School Board Successes for 2022

I wish to thank the School Board members for their exceptional support over the last year. A special mention to Mrs Leonie Gurr, Chairperson for her ongoing support and her coordination of the meetings. The Board has worked collectively as a team to further progress our school. Some key areas to note are as follows:

  • Endorsement of the School Chaplaincy programme
  • Completion of the School Board Training modules
  • Monitored delivery of the Department of Education Statement of Expectations
  • Monitored student achievement across the school in academic and non-academic areas
  • Monitored One-Line Budget through Financial reports
  • Approved Leases within school – Helping Hands, School Canteen, Eternal Life Ministry and Hindi Classes
  • Hosted Year 6 Student Councillors who presented a review on the school
  • Approved early close times for 2023, Term One and Term 3
  • Approved Professional Learning days for 2023
  • Approved Voluntary Contributions and Charges and Personal Usage Requirement lists for 2023
  • Endorsement of the BYOD programme for 2023
  • Notation and support of the school’s management of COVID-19
  • Reviewed and endorsed the following policies: Students at Educational Risk Policy and the Homework Policy
  • Approved the draft budget for 2023.

Advice of Class and Teacher 2023

On Tuesday 31 January 2023, after 1.00pm parents will be advised of their child’s 2023 class and teacher via email.  Hard copies of class list will only be displayed on the morning of Wednesday 1 February 2023.  Parents are asked to ensure that their email addresses are current in preparation for notification in 2023.

Not Returning to Campbell in 2023

I would ask that parents please advise the school if their child/ren will not be returning to Campbell next year. Please email Sara Willis, Manager Corporate Services – Sara.  if and when you decide your child will not be returning.  We appreciate any information that you can provide as soon as convenient.

Education Security

With the school holidays around the corner I would ask parents to report any suspicious behaviour or damage to the school to School Watch on 1800 177 777.

Lynne Bates


December 2022


November 2022

Dear parents/carers,

Today the loss of lives from all wars and conflicts was remembered by all students and staff at Campbell Primary School in our annual Remembrance Day service. It was very poignant with our Student Councillors reciting poems, observing a minute’s silence and our Pre-primary/Year 1 class again performing their assembly song – Imagine – by John Lennon. I thank Miss Harvey and Mrs Slee for their coordination of this morning’s special service.


I wish to advise that we are starting to see more positive cases of COVID-19 within our school, for both staff and students. As such I urge all parents to continue to reinforce the importance of sanitising, hand washing and social distancing with their children.

Student Leaders 2023

I congratulate all students that nominated themselves for a leadership role in 2023. I can now advise that the voting process has been finalised. The following students will be our leaders for 2023:

Student Councillors

Head Girl : Zoe C Head Boy: Mason C
Ella M Arav B
Layla M Timothy C
Stella B Carson C
Amy W Kyle T

  Faction Captains

Fraser Teliah I Jy L
Longley Eve C Kyan T
Strickland La’Jada E Damien R
Bradman Rebecca H Abhiraj N


Well done to our NUMERO interschool team that represented the school this week. they finished an overall 6th out of 18 schools. This is an amazing effort. Thank you to Mrs Suri for working with these students all year in preparation for the finals.


It is with sadness that we farewell our School Chaplain, Kasorn Campbell, who will be leaving us on Friday 9 December 2022. Mrs Campbell has been such an asset to our school and has made such a difference to so many students and families when supporting their well-being. The Chaplaincy Program is one which provides such valued support for our community and as such I thank Mrs Campbell for her significant contribution to our school community and wish her all the best in the next part of her journey. It would be lovely to possibly see her return in the future. I have posted a note below from Mrs Campbell to the community.

Dear Campbell community It is with great sadness that I’m letting you know that I’ve decided to take a break next year 2023. My husband and I will be spending some time in the UK with our family and exploring the surrounding countries in Europe.  

I have had the great pleasure of working with such a great team of staff and in a wonderful loving community. A community that makes me feel like home. Thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Campbell family and to the stakeholders, I would like to express my gratitude for your support of the chaplaincy program.  

Friday 9 December will be my last day. I will miss coming to work but I’m sure I will see you again soon.

Kind regards, 

Kasorn Campbell

 Bushfire Drill

Next week students will take part in another fire drill. These drills are important to prepare our students in the event of a real bushfire. I encourage all families to also consider reviewing their own fire evacuation procedures for their home.


Kind regards,

Lynne Bates


October 2022

Dear parents/carers, staff and students,

Welcome back, I do hope that all families enjoyed the recent break and have settled back into the term well. A special welcome to students and families that are new to our school this term.

Last term was such a great success with many wonderful end of term events that greatly enhanced our already strong sense of community. To further complement such a successful term, we received our preliminary NAPLAN results which were very impressive once again. A more detailed analysis is provided below. I look forward to a very productive term ahead.


Once again, our results are above both National and State Means. What is most pleasing is that our results compared to Like Schools is also very positive.

The Year 3 cohort achieved well above like schools in all areas Numeracy, Reading, Grammar and Punctuation and Spelling. The Year 5 cohort of students achieved above like schools in Reading, Writing and Spelling and slightly below in Numeracy and Grammar and Punctuation.

The results reflect the exceptional education provided by all staff at Campbell PS.

Green highlight – above like school.

Like Schools: Like schools are based on school Index of Community and Socio Educational Advantage. ICSEA is a scale which allows for fair and reasonable comparisons among schools with similar students.

Faction Carnivals

I extend a huge thank you to our talented Phys-Ed teacher, Miss Mews for her outstanding coordination of our Kindergarten and PP-Year 6 carnivals. There was an abundance of good sportsmanship, exemplary behaviour and excitement on the days. I also wish to thank the parent community for your support of such events. We look forward to our upcoming Interschool Carnival.

Staffing 2023

We are both excited but saddened by the upcoming retirements for both Mrs Maxine Wylie and Mrs Julie Henwood. Both ladies will be retiring at the end of this year and have been longstanding staff at Campbell PS. They have contributed so much to the school, students, staff and community. More formal advice of school farewells to be organised will be advised soon. I encourage parents and other community members to take the time to personally thank both ladies over the course of this term if the opportunity arises.

Class Placement 2022

The process of creating class lists for the 2023 school year will commence in the coming weeks. Parents who feel they have relevant information pertaining to the placement of their child in 2023 should advise the school in writing. All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal and be received no later than 4:00 pm, Monday, 14 November 2022.

Parents are advised that requests for specific teachers and or requests for non-placement in composite classes or tandem arrangements are not considered. The school does not view these arrangements as detrimental to students’ academic or social development. Parents should also be aware that correspondence provided to the Principal will be considered by staff but does not guarantee a particular outcome being sought by parents.

The Campbell Primary School’s Class Placement Guidelines is posted on the school’s website. I encourage all parents to read this document as it clearly defines the rigorous process undertaken to place students each year.

2023 School Destinations or Not Returning to Campbell in 2023

Planning for Campbell’s 2023 school year has commenced, I would ask that parents please advise the school if their child/ren will not be returning to Campbell next year. Please email Amanda Downing, School Officer if and when you decide your child will not be returning.  We appreciate any information that you can provide as soon as convenient.

Professional Development Days Term 4

Parents are reminded that the school will be holding Professional Development Days on Monday 24 October 2022. Students do not attend on this day so please make alternative arrangements for your child/ren. A reminder that Helping Hands may be able to assist with care if required.

Voluntary Contributions

A huge thank you to the families that have paid their voluntary contributions and charges recently, we are still hoping to see more payments come in before the end of the year.

How to Make Payments

Payment of Contributions can be paid via the QKR! MasterCard app at any time.

Payment of Contributions can also be made at the school office by cash, cheque or EFTPOS or by direct deposit into the school bank account

Campbell PS                BSB 066 040                Acct No. 1990 1017

Please note child’s name in details

Progress payments are welcome and can be paid at the School Administration or by direct deposit into the school bank account (listed above).

Should you have an enquiry relating to the topic of Contributions & Charges please contact the School Administration.

Kind regards,

Lynne Bates


June 2022

Dear parents/carers, staff and students,
Parents are reminded that the Semester 1 student reports will be sent home electronically through Connect. Given significant absences of students and staff due to COVID-19, we have extended the date for reports to be sent home. The reports will now be sent out on Monday, 27 June 2022.
The information provided in the report provides a summary of your child’s achievement, effort and attitude. The report is just one of a number of strategies used by the school to communicate with you about your child’s progress. Parents and carers are asked to spend time with their children to discuss the report. We believe this to be a very valuable exercise and would encourage all parents to acknowledge the wonderful work completed by their children and look at setting some goals for Semester 2. Position Grade reports will also be sent home.
It is most important that parents ensure that they have registered on Connect prior to this date. If you have not done so or are requiring assistance with this, please contact
Early Close – Report Interviews
Parents/carers that wish to discuss their child’s report with the classroom teacher/s and or specialist teachers, have the opportunity to do so during the scheduled early close on Wednesday 27 July, 2022. The purpose of these meetings is to allow time for a discussion between parents and teachers, regarding any concerns and or queries you have regarding your child’s report. Students in Year 4 to Year 6 are invited to attend the meeting with their parent.
The school will close at 11.15am; students are to be collected from their class at this time. If you would like your child to walk/ride home or be collected by someone different it is important that you provide the class teacher with a note. Parents are asked to make alternative arrangements for their child/ren on this day.
Students Arriving Late to School
Did you know that students that consistently arrive late to school each day can lose up to 50 hours of instruction time, with up to 200 interruptions to class over the school year ?
It is of concern that we are seeing an increasing number of students arriving to school after the siren. In many classes, up to a quarter of the students in the class are arriving late. This is not acceptable unless there is valid reason for being late. We do understand that there are times students arrive late for a valid reason, which is beyond their control; however, the majority of late arrivals to school are without a valid reason.
Campbell Primary School values every minute that a student is in class. Students that arrive late to class interrupt the teaching and learning programme, this impacts not only the student that is late but all other students in the class. We implore parents to support the school in having your child/ren here before the school siren at 8:40 am. All classrooms open at 8:25 am. Students that arrive this little bit earlier have time to be organised and settle in for the day’s learning.
I expect to see a great improvement in this area.
Keeping our Children Safe
Just last week in a neighbouring school a student was run over in the car park. Fortunately, the child is ok. We have also had a couple of near misses over the course of this term. This is a very timely reminder to all parents of the need to slow down, use the cross walk and be patient when using the car park. By doing just this you can help ensure the safety of not only your own children but all children.
I thank the many parents that are making good use of the school’s Kiss and Drive facility. Accessing this is alleviating considerable congestion in the car park.
In-Term Swimming
According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death to children ages one through 14. It is absolutely crucial that all children know how to swim at a young age. There is water all around us, even if it’s as small as a bathtub. Making sure that your child is comfortable in and around water is essential to their safety.
Swimming lessons are the best way to significantly decrease the risks of drowning. The earlier our children start lessons the better.
All students in Pre-primary, Year 1, 3, 5 and 6 will receive information next week, regarding in-term swimming lessons commencing on Monday 1 August 2022. Please be advised, the cost for swimming lessons will be $55.00 per child. This cost is lower than the cost for Term 2 swimming lessons due to the number of buses required.
We hope to see all students attend the lessons as it is so very important that our children learn to swim. Parents are reminded that the pools are heated, and that despite the cooler weather the students greatly enjoy the lessons alongside their friends.
Staffing Semester 2
Farewell to Mrs Cunningham
We sadly farewell Mrs Cunningham at the end of this term as she has made the decision to retire. On behalf of the school staff and community, I thank Mrs Cunningham for the outstanding contributions she has made to the education of our students. Mrs Cunningham commenced at Campbell PS in 2004 and has worked across many year levels. She will be sorely missed by the staff, students, and community. Community members will have an opportunity to farewell Mrs Cunningham at the senior assembly, which is scheduled for the 30 June 2022 at 8 :40 am. We wish Mrs Cunningham all the very best for her retirement and the future.
Student Enrolments
If your child is starting Kindergarten, Pre-primary, Year 7 or changing schools in 2023, it is imperative that you enrol your child/ren before 22 July, 2022. Information is provided on the school’s webpage.
Thank you to our P&C
As you know, the Campbell PS P&C have continued to work tirelessly to support the school financially through fundraising, with the recent Mother’s Day stalls, election day sausage sizzle and uniform stalls. I thank all members and volunteers for their continued support of our school.
I would like to wish all parents/carers, staff and students a very safe and relaxing holiday. Term 2 has been another very busy and highly productive term at Campbell and I am sure that everyone is now looking forward to the break. I look forward to Semester 2 and welcoming all back to school.
Kind regards,
Lynne Bates

April 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

As the term draws to a close I would like to acknowledge the collective efforts of all in supporting our students to have a successful term, despite the distractions of COVID-19. It has most definitely been a term like no other, with the significant disruptions we have experienced across the school due to COVID-19. We know that many families have had to manage periods of isolation and/or have been unwell with COVID-19. Several of our staff have also had to isolate as close contacts and have been unwell with COVID-19. Such times have shown just how resilient and supportive our school community is.

This term we have had a total of 55 positive COVID-19 cases reported to the school, 6 of whom are staff members. We have had a significant number of students and staff on COVID leave due to being close contacts and needing to isolate. 166 of our students have accessed Learning from Home units of work whilst they have been isolating or COVID-19 positive and well enough to complete work at home.

I thank all families for your understanding whilst we have had to staff our school during such difficult times. I, like you, hope for a more settled term ahead, however, this of course is not certain. I can say though, that our staff are well-prepared and will ensure that the focus remains on prioritising both student well-being and ensuring our students access a rigorous curriculum, even if they are learning from home at any time.

Thank you all for your support this term whilst we have implemented many operational changes in response to Department of Education COVID-19 guidelines.

As you may be aware, public health and social measures have been eased for schools for Term 2, details at We continue to follow the current health advice and I am writing to let you know what the changes mean for our school.

We are pleased to advise that parents/carers are allowed on school sites in Term 2 for the following purposes:

o   to attend year group assemblies

o   to attend face to face parent/teacher meetings

o   to attend indoor and outdoor sporting events, infrequent special events, performances and other interschool events with masks and physical distancing

o   to attend face to face meeting e.g. P&C and school board/council meetings

o   to volunteer in roles outside of the classroom, including the canteen

o    drop-off/pick up outside of classrooms

Parents/carers attending school must continue to wear masks on school grounds and adhere to physical distancing, where possible. Please note parents/carers are not allowed inside classrooms.

Please note you do not need to report COVID-19 positive cases to the school during the school holidays. However, all positive RATs must be reported to WA Health via

I encourage parents to continue to support your child at home during the holidays with the Holiday Reading Challenge.

Staff Farewells

We farewell the following staff at the end of Term 1:

Mrs Claire Tan – School Psychologist. Mrs Tan will be on maternity leave for the remainder of the year. We wish her all the best for the safe arrival of her first born.

Mr David Turner- Physical Education Specialist. We thank Mr Turner for both his great positivity as a staff member and his contributions to the Physical Education programme. We wish him all the best for the future.

Ms Kim Tan – Year 1, LA5 – tandem teacher. Mrs Tan no doubt will be back with us again in the near future.

In-term Swimming

Students in LA21, LA23, LA24 and LA12, LA13, LA16 from Years 2, 4 and the 2/3 and 4/5 classes will be able to participate in In-term swimming classes next term. Swimming lessons will be in Week 7 and 8 of term. Information regarding Interm swimming lessons will be sent out early next term.   Lessons commence on Tuesday 8 June, 2022 with the cost being approximately $60.00 per child. Final costing will be advised early in Term 2.

School Security over the Break

Parents are asked to be alert and report any suspicious behaviour within the school to School Watch 1800 177 777.

Return to School

Parents are reminded that Term 2 recommences for both staff and students on Tuesday 26 April 2022.  Please visit the school webpage on for information on the upcoming events in Term 2.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to seeing everyone next term. I also wish to extend my sincere thanks to the school staff for their incredible support of the Campbell school community during this term.

Lynne Bates – Principal


Monday, 21 March 2022 @2:33PM

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are starting to see an increase in the number of students, staff and/or their family members having COVID-19. Of course, this is having an impact upon the school’s operations. Your child is likely to have different teachers from time to time over the coming weeks. They also may have one of the specialist teachers or a deputy or principal as their class teacher.  We appreciate your understanding during this time.

You would also be aware that many of our school events have been postponed. This is due to the Very High Caseload Guidelines we are required to put in place. Schools have been requested to minimise cohort and contacts where possible. As such, there are several changes to our normal operations. I have listed below some of the ways in which we are doing this at our school:

Assemblies/Whole school activities

  • Online WebEx delivery.
  • Use of Microsoft Teams and online platforms to share key presentations and critical information to parents, staff and students. This includes P&C and School Board meetings.

Staff meetings and gatherings

  • Meetings held via online.
  • Staff eating recess and lunch in their teaching blocks.
  • Physical separation of key staff (e.g. limiting access to other staff workspaces). Staff stay within their block and do not cross teaching blocks unless required to do so.


  • Staggered recess and lunch breaks with half cohorts of students at a time.
  • Specialist areas taking Year Level cohorts on given days.

Outdoor learning/activities

  • Increased opportunities for outdoor learning.
  • Scheduled breaks within a lesson outside, eg Crunch and Sip
  • Separated play/recreational areas with daily rotations of play areas on the school oval.

Teaching and learning

  • Education Assistants assigned to cohorts.
  • Executive Team members allocated to blocks except the Principal who goes across all teaching blocks.

Health and Hygiene Practices

  • Allocated toilet blocks for cohorts of students. (e.g. year levels).


  • Year based roster for use of the library. Establish bulk loans opportunities.

As you can see we have put a lot in place to support minimising the spread of COVID-19 within our school. We expect that this will be in place through Term 2 also.


Furthermore, given the requirements to minimise contact between cohorts we are not able to run our before and after school clubs, these include:

Dance Troupes


School Choir/Ensembles

Before school fitness class

How can you assist as a parents?

  • Please read all the information that is sent out to you regarding COVID-19 and requirements regarding isolation.
  • Please let the school know immediately if your child has tested positive to COVID-19 by emailing This allows us to determine close contacts and advise families quickly. Please be aware, we do not publicly identify individual students as COVID positive.
  • If your child is isolating at home following being identified as a close contact from someone at school, please let the school know that they are returning to school as they have returned a negative RAT test or PCR test by completing the survey sent out via SMS.

I appreciate that parents and students may be disappointed with many of the operational changes we have put in place, however, I do expect that you will be supportive and understanding of the changes.  Comparisons to what others schools may be doing is not helpful. I remain steadfast in supporting the guidelines we are given from the Department of Education and for prioritising your child’s health and well-being, at all times.

We are in a pandemic and doing all we can to ensure that your child’s well-being and time at school is maximised and met with minimal disruption. This is our priority.

 Kind regards,

Lynne Bates