Digital Technologies at Campbell Primary School

Across Campbell Primary School ICT is embedded in many learning areas, where students are given opportunities to use ICT effectively to access, create and communicate information ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively. We recognise that in a digital age, students need to develop skills, attitudes and habits to handle the rapid pace and rate of change of ICT today. We recognise that having access to technology within the classroom allows students greater control over how, where and when they learn.

We are a multi-platform school by having iPads, Mac books and PCs available to all students.  In this digital age students need to be able to move seamlessly from one technological device to another. Including, being aware of differing operating systems available. Many of students are using all devices available.  All classrooms have Smartboards that are used on a daily basis to engage and motivate learners.

In 2017 we introduced a Bring your own device (BYOD) iPad initiative.  Through this program we aim to:

  • Cultivate flexible, responsive learners
  • Enable authentic learning beyond the traditional school day
  • Foster responsible participants in a global community
  • Facilitate shared learning through on-line collaboration

To learn more about the BYOD program at Campbell Primary School, please visit the BYOD Page here.


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