Connect Help

Set out below please find the questions and answers to the most commonly asked questions for assistance on Connect and the answers.


I don’t have access to Connect, Why?

In the event you have not receive an activation email to join Connect, please contact us at providing the information below;

  • Your name
  • Name/s of child/children enrolled at Campbell Primary School
  • Your email address
  • Your home address, including the postcode
  • Your relationship to the child


I can’t remember my login details, how do I get Access to Connect?

Parents are issued with a username (P-number) and password to login to Connect. If your children attend multiple schools, you will still only need one login. If you can’t remember your login details or need to reset your password you can do so by clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen at


I’m Locked out of my account, how do I reset it?

If you get locked out of your account you will be prompted to contact the System Administrator, to do this please email requesting assistance with Connect login details, providing the information below.

  • Your name
  • Name/s of child/children enrolled at Campbell Primary school
  • Your relationship to child


I have a number of children but I can only see one why?

Children are allocated to parent accounts by the school. If you should have access to your other children at Campbell Primary School please advise us via email at so we can investigate the situation for you.


My children go to different schools but I can only see the child/ren at one school?

Not all schools are using Connect in the same way. Please contact the school of the child/ren that you cannot see via Connect, so the situation can be investigate.

If you have received multiple logins or there is an issue with your login, please advise us via email at so we can investigate the situation for you.


My child’s school has published student reports in Connect, where do I find them?

Once school reports have been published to Connect, parents and students can view the school reports.  Reports will remain available via Connect until your child leaves the public education system.  Learn more about Accessing School Reports via Connect.


How can my spouse/partner/relative also have access to Connect?

Multiple family members can have parental/carer access to Connect if they are listed at the school with ‘Parental Responsibility’. You should contact your child’s school directly to organise alogin. The school may request additional information, if they don’t already have it, including your email address, home address and contact phone numbers.


Why can’t I see all of my child’s classes in Connect?

If you are unable to see your child/ren’s classes please send an email with your name, the student/s name, and your relationship to the child to


Why does my child’s attendance information seem out of date?

Attendance data is taken from each school’s Student Information System database in a nightly extract and made available the following day through Connect. Attendance information will always be at least one day behind but, on occasionally due to technical issues it may cause further delays.


Why do some of my children’s classes have more/less information than others?

Connect Classes offer a variety of tools for teachers and students and different teachers use Connect in different ways depending on the type of class, the expectations of the school and the needs of the students.


I work for the Department of Education. Can I log in as a parent using my staff login?

No, for security purposes, the two logins are kept separate.