Around the Classrooms 22 and 27 October 2020

Year 6 students have continued to work hard this term – their last at Campbell Primary School!

In Numeracy, students have been making calculations with decimal numbers and will soon be learning about calculating the area and perimeter of composite shapes.

In Literacy, students have been enjoying reading ‘Holes’, with a focus on answering questions with increased detail and using text evidence to support their responses.


Students in Year 5 are learning about naming, measuring and constructing different angles. Students had a go at measuring all types of different angles from a wonky house to practice and develop their skills.

In Literacy during Guided Reading Sessions students are further developing their inferring skills and applying those to comprehend various texts.


The Year 4 students in LA 12 were accessing Connect to engage in a range of activities that involve compound and complex sentence construction.

LA 13 students have been measuring length and choosing appropriate tools to measure. In class, students have been converting between units of measurement (between mm, cm, m and km) and comparing lengths.

In LA 14 students have been learning about making connections between fractions and decimals. They have been ordering and comparing decimals into the tenths and hundredths.

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