Around the Classrooms – LOTE

LA 15 have been learning to talk about their nationalities, where they live and which languages they speak.
This week they were using a program created by the Victorian Education department called ‘Languages Online’ ( . Children can also access this at home but until very recently it has not been accessible with Mac computers or Apple iPads. It has just been released as an App so children will be able to access it more readily at home or on iPads at school.
The benefits of “Languages Online” are; it is self-paced, it is suitable for most year levels, it includes a variety of interactive tasks, games and printable activities, it exposes children to different Italian accents and male and female voices, and it is free.
The interactive tasks that we were using included listening, reading, and speaking. As well as reinforcing and consolidating the Italian language that children have been learning in class, the tasks linked well to HASS as we were identifying flags and cities and countries on the world map.