Around the Classrooms – Thursday 15 October 2020

This morning in ELT1 Kindy B were learning the ‘j’ sound after reading the story Jaguar’s Jungleberry. Students also completed a recount of their holidays and have been learning about questions and how to answer them.

Our Year 1 students were learning to solve subtraction number sentences and word problems within 40. They were using a variety of materials and activities to develop a range of strategies to help them with this skill.

Year 2 students were continuing to explore narrative and develop our writing skills. We are focusing on writing sizzling starts, using descriptive language and dynamic dialogue to engage our audience. We are reading a variety of non-fiction texts to support our learning of how to determine importance. A class goal is to improve our reading fluency. In numeracy we are learning about the language of chance to describe the outcomes of everyday events. Vocabulary we have been using include likely, unlikely, certain, impossible and possible.





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