Assistant Principal’s Address- Mrs Mandy Slee

What an exciting time at Campbell Primary. It is wonderful to have our students engaged in before and after school clubs and to have parents back celebrating student success at assemblies. We are thrilled to announce some exciting initiatives for our students.

Learning how to be a safe and savvy digital citizen is a vital part of our students’ lives. Last year, Campbell trialled online learning platform DiGii Social with great success and are pleased to announce that we have purchased the program for use for our Year 5 and 6 students in 2022. DiGii Social mimics social media platforms, enabling students to chat in a highly moderated and supportive environment. Students participate in online tutorials and receive DiGiiT points upon completion. Bonus DiGiiT points are awarded by parents also watching online tutorials, so some homework ahead for parents!

The purpose of implementing this program is not only for students to learn strategies for positive interactions online, but also for them to make mistakes in a controlled environment. All children will make mistakes when beginning to use social media. We are endeavouring to teach students how quickly their posts can become problematic, however, minimising any serious consequences as students are working in a safe and secure environment. Parents of Year 5 and 6 students will be sent information regarding DiGii Social, including an email to set up their account in coming days.

Parents of students of all ages are encouraged to access the excellent information and resources that can be found on the eSafety Commissioner website . The site includes a wealth of guidance for parents ranging from setting boundaries for use of technologies from a young age to gaining assistance if your child is being bullied online. I highly recommend this site for parents to support your children to navigate the online world.

We are delighted at the success of our BYOD program at Campbell PS. This year, we rolled out the program to include students from Year 3-6. Giving families the option to provide an iPad for their child to use each day has further enhanced the opportunities for students to utilise technology to demonstrate their ability in, not only Digital Technologies, but across learning areas. The use of technology also enables students to demonstrate their creative and critical thinking skills, a vital part of preparation of students to function in the modern world.  Information sessions about the BYOD program will take place later in the year for parents of students about to enter Years 3-6. This session will outline the purpose of our program and also include students sharing their use of iPads in the classroom.

We look forward to the remainder of Term 2, full of great opportunities to help achieve Campbell Primary School’s Vision for students to have the knowledge, skills and values required to make a positive contribution to society and meet the challenges of their changing world.

Mrs Mandy Slee

Assistant Principal