Chemical Science in Junior Primary

In Science in junior primary last week at Campbell Primary School we made Lemonade Scones in Year 2 and Fairybread in Year 1.  During these activities we were looking at using and changing materials for our own purpose.  Below is a letter Mrs Fraser received from one of the Year 2 students.


To Mrs Fraser

Thank you for teaching us how to make scones.

I like how you let us eat them and how you gave me 2 one for me and one for Mum ( I ended up eating both of them.)

When Mum picked me up we went to Woolworths and got ingredients for SCONES we got lemonade and cream no self raising flour because we already had some and we got home and I did not unpack my school bag. We went straight to making FAT scones ( I realy made them ) mum said she loves scones . My aunty even came over and took 4 scones so as my neighbour they where both so HAPPY!!! and we made like 23 million scones.

From Blake ( LA 23 YEAR 2 )