Creative Schools – Presentation

Students from LA8 and LA9 presented their Creative Schools Projects yesterday – 28 June 2021. We invite parents to read the submission prepared by the students and we congratulate them on their hard work and commitment to the project.  Thanks also to Miss Gibson and Mr Kujawski and our Creative School practitioners Naomi and Trudi.

Please click on this link to read the student submission  – Year 6 Student Submission

Student Summary 

In our last session of Creative Schools in Term 2, we shared our housing submission by having three people from LA10 join each group to listen to our ideas. We took turns in reading out our ideas and everyone got an equal turn. This was a great way to show what parts of the work we wrote in the  submission. Ms Bates and Ms Goodsell came in to congratulate us on the eight page submission we wrote. We look forward to continuing Creative Schools in Term 3. 

Cooper P