The goals of the Dance Program at Campbell Primary School are to enable students to become creative choreographers, confident performers and reflective, respectful audience members. Students have achieved these goals by engaging with the Choreography Process which involves them planning, creating and performing their own dance works.

The emphasis has been placed on the students using dance to communicate their ideas to an audience, rather than learning set routines. This enables students to express their ideas creatively and for students who find traditional means of communication difficult, an alternative way to display understanding.

Students from PP – Year 3 have participated in the dance program this year. They have explored dance using literacy and stimuli such as scarves, poi’s, ribbons and fans. They have been exposed to traditional dances from around the world exploring different cultural themes and ideas to inspire new choreography. They have developed performance skills and positive audience behaviours and are learning to reflect and provide feedback to dances they view and make.