Great Work Krisith

Congratulations to Kritish S Year 6 who is a finalist in the Write4Fun – Play of Words 2021 – for his fantastic poem.
The Night
Darkness spreads across the vast lands,
The sun goes down as the night sky expands.
As the blue sky is swallowed in the dark,
The light of day doesn’t leave a single remark.
The moon rises to its place up high,
Illuminating the deep black sky.
It gives off a vibrant shining light,
Gleaming radiance extremely bright.
The sounds of the night whistle and howl,
As the chilling breeze let’s loose a growl.
The moonlight brightens the gloomy ground,
As the darkness of the night is let unbound.
The stars glisten like sparkling gems,
Sprouting from the sky like little stems.
As the sun rises from the far east,
The darkness cursing the sky is released.