Dear Parents/Carers,

As you would be aware, we are to follow the recently announced Covid-19 restrictions. As such, I advise you of the following guidelines for parents and carers whilst on school premises as of 28 June, 2021:

* masks  to be worn by all adults whilst on school site.
* the 2 square metre rule applied for adults, this includes when in the classroom.
* parent /teacher meetings are to be held by phone or postponed until Term 3.
* 150  person capacity for any adult attended events, and adhering to the 2 square metre rule.Please note that this means we are unable to host the school musical performances this week. All scheduled musical performances have been moved to early Term 3, with Mrs Perica advising she will be available to return to support the musical going ahead.  More information pertaining to the musical will be sent out in the coming days.

I urge parents to visit the Health Department website which is listed below to check updated hot spots and health advice.

Once again, I thank you all for your support and understanding as we continue to navigate our way through continued uncertainty.

Kind regards,
Lynne Bates