Ms Bates Classroom Visit

Today I had the joy of speaking with the students in LA4 and LA 6. I asked them what they liked most about school, their response are below:
Having fun in the playground. Mckay
Seeing all of my friends. – Anna
It’s fun. Mckenzie
Seeing all of my teachers. Scarlett
LA 6
I like doing art. Mishka
I like playing running races. Kai
I like writing. Imogen
I love playing on the monkey bars. Anayah
I also asked LA 6 what they liked better, being at school or being at home. An overwhelming number of 21 out of 24 students stated they liked being at school better. Clearly we are getting things right here at school. I also shared with the students that would I absolutely loved the best about being at school was to see their happy faces.