Parent Feedback on Partnerships with Parents Workshops

It is great to note that parents are finding great value in the Partnerships with Parents workshops which are held at our school.

After running a session on Split Classes – the how and why of split classes we received the feedback below from a parent.

“Thank you so much for the last information session on split classes. It has really helped us to clear many of our doubts regarding distribution in a split class and in a straight class. This is the first time my son is in a split class and initially were unsure about the format and way of teaching in a split class. But after attending the session, all these queries were sorted. Now we know the reason of split classes and how the kids are categorised in those classes. We are happy with the way our child has settled in his class and trying new things. Thanks again for the information session and clearing our doubts”. Campbell Primary School Parent

I greatly encourage all parents to attend as many of these sessions that you possibly can. Our partnership with you in educating your children  greatly enhances their outcomes.

Upcoming Partnerships with Parents include:

3 April 2019 – Understanding Literacy Pro

9 April 2019 – NAPLAN