Dear parents/carers,

Welcome back to Term 2, I hope that all families enjoyed a relaxing holiday break. I extend a warm welcome to those families joining the Campbell Primary School community this term.

Staffing Term 2

We congratulate Miss Gibson who has recently been appointed as Deputy Principal at Edney Primary School, for the remainder of this year. Miss Gibson has been with the school since 2004 and has had a significant impact on students, families, and staff.  We wish Miss Gibson all the best and know that she will be outstanding in this role.  We may be lucky enough to see her return in 2023.

A warm welcome to Hayley Mews our merit selected physical education specialist. Hayley has greatly enjoyed her first couple of weeks with us at Campbell PS

NAPLAN Assessments

This week our Year 3 and Year 5 students have been sitting their NAPLAN assessments. They have managed this exceptionally well so far. We have also experienced success with our internet network. A huge thank you to Mrs Slee, Mrs Kumar for their excellent coordination of the testing and to the Yr 3 and 5 teachers for preparing their students for these assessments.

NAPLAN provides a snapshot of student achievement and progress in Literacy and Numeracy. The tests are administered separately and provide information to support whole school planning and initiatives to focus on student improvement. The tests will run throughout this week and next week and we ask that if well, all students in these year levels attend school on time and every day to complete the testing.

School Board – Parent Representatives

A warm welcome to our 2 new School Board parent representatives, Mr Sathish K and Mr Sabareeswaran P. I thank both new members for their interest and commitment to our school.

Before and After School Clubs 

I encourage parents to look out for upcoming information regarding our before or after school clubs. These will commence in week 4 or 5.

COVID-19 Update

Thank you to all parents that have ensured we are advised if their child/ren have tested positive to COVID-19. At present we are seeing an average of 7 new positive cases per day. We currently have 5 staff members that have COVID-19 also. Staff absences due to COVID are having an impact across our school and all schools. It is very difficult to find relief teachers and therefore at times we are having to cancel specialist areas or combine classes.  We thank you for your understanding during such difficult times. 

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) for Families

You may have heard that all schools will be provided free RAT tests to distribute to our families. Once these have arrived in our school, I will advise you of how you can collect these. Please note we are not able to distribute to students.

These free RATs will support our students to continue to attend school for face-to-face learning and will minimise disruption to their schooling. You will be able to test your child at home if they are feeling unwell. You can also use these RATs if your child is a close contact to enable them to test daily and continue to attend school, as long as they receive a negative result and remain asymptomatic.

If your child becomes symptomatic they should stay home and be tested for COVID-19. You should notify the school if your child tests positive for COVID-19. Refer to for information on close contact definition, testing and isolation requirements.

Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping our school COVID-19 safe.

Classrooms are Open

Parents are reminded that classrooms are now open again, to all parents/carers. We greatly encourage you to come in before the siren goes and perhaps engage in some reading with your child.

Mother’s Day

Many thanks to our wonderful P&C committee members for running the Mother’s day stalls last week. These were extremely successful. The children loved purchasing a gift for their mum or carer.

Thank you also to the many parents that attended the P&C Annual General meeting. I am delighted to advise that we now have a new committee and several new P&C members. This is so pleasing as we can now go ahead with the many planned P&C events for our students and families.

Kind regards,

Lynne Bates