Principal’s Address Term 4 Week 10

Dear Parents/Carers,

This year has ended with many celebratory events including the Year 6 Graduation, Pre-primary to Year 5 Book Awards and Kindergarten Christmas Concerts. It was a pleasure to celebrate the progress and achievement of our students.

In what has been a challenging year we have all grown and thrived together. I particularly commend our students as they have shown such exceptional resiliency and have proven that they are highly adaptable. I am incredibly proud of them all. I thank parents and carers for your support of the school’s operational changes during COVID times. It is my belief that we as a community have excelled at managing change. We have all done the best we can. We have found new and innovative ways of doing things and we too should celebrate our adaptability.  I thank the Leadership Team and all staff for their support in making this school the very special place it is. We have fabulous staff, wonderful students and a very supportive community all of which are enablers for an exemplary school.

For the families who are leaving Campbell this week for secondary school or for new schools, thank you for your support over the time you have been at Campbell PS, we wish both you and your child/ren every success for the future.

To our Year 6 students, it has been such a delight to watch you grow over the years that you have been at school. You are such a beautiful group of young people and I wish you all the very best for the future.

Thank you to everyone for your spirit and support over the 2020 year. Best wishes for a healthy and joyous break. I look forward to 2021 being a more settled and exciting year for staff, students and the school community.

2021 Drop off and Pick –up

We have appreciated your support of the school while we followed the Phase 4 COVI -19 Department Guidelines. At this stage we are unable to advise if there is a change for 2021. I will however, update all families prior to the start of Term 1 in 2021.

Year 6 Student Leadership Team

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as Student Councillors and Faction Captains for 2021. We look forward to advising you of further student leadership roles as they are filled in 2021.

Student Councillors:  Sophia B; Lucy G (Head Girl); Sai H (Head Boy); Jessica H; Aidan K, Ayush K; Yi Shuen L; Joby M; Mathoosan M; Ashlen W

Faction Captains: Avyukta B; Jordan B; Charolette B; Daniel C; Isha C; Skye D; Alpheus L; Lewin M

Student Reports and Position Report – Grade Distribution

Parents are advised that student reports were sent out on Thursday 10 December 2020 with a School Position Report. The position reports provide written information that clearly shows individual student achievement in the learning areas studied compared to that of other children in the child’s peer group at the school. This information shows the number of students in each of the achievement levels A – E.

We hope that all families have spent some time to share the successes of their children and set goals for 2021.

Staffing 2021

The following staff will not be with us in 2021

Mr Egan, Mrs Gardiner, Mrs Bergamo; Miss Curtis and Miss King.

We wish staff all the very best for their future endeavours and thank them for their contributions to the Campbell PS students and families.

Thank you to the School P&C

Once again our P&C members have worked tirelessly to support community engagement and school fundraising during this difficult year with COVID-19.  During such unprecedented times we carefully considered requests to run fundraising events to ensure that the well-being of our students and staff was a priority and also to support families that may have been experiencing financial difficulties. We look forward to a more normal calendar of events in 2021 and thank the P&C committee for their understanding.  Without their efforts we would not be able to run the Chaplaincy programme; have funding to purchase new sporting equipment plus equipment to support our Early Learning students in 2021.

A special thank you to Mrs Deborah Boxall, P&C President and the committee.

P&C Operated School Canteen

Parents are advised that as of 2021 the school will be outsourcing the management of the school’s canteen with expressions of interest sought. Over many years a great deal of time, energy and passion has gone in to managing the canteen.

I wish to offer my sincere thanks to all past and present managers of the Campbell Primary School canteen:

Nicky Baillie

Tanya Healy

Karen Povey

A special thank you to Haley, Inge, Winnie, Ling, Tracey and Gail who have been very regular volunteers in the canteen this year.

I also acknowledge the work of past and present P&C committee members for their role in supporting the school canteen.

We look forward to our canteen operating very early in Term 1, 2021. Parents are also advised that as our school has reduced in numbers significantly over the last 5 years, it is no longer viable to have the canteen open every day. We can expect to see it operate 3 days per week.

School Board Successes for 2021

I wish to thank the School Board members for their exceptional support over the last year. A special mention to Dr Rachel Sheffield, Chair Person for her ongoing support and her coordination of the meetings. The Board has worked collectively as a team to further progress our school. Some key areas to note are as follows:

  • Endorsement of the School Chaplaincy programme
  • Completion of the School Board Training modules
  • Monitored delivery of the DPA (Delivery and Performance Agreement)
  • Monitored student achievement across the school in academic and non-academic areas
  • Monitored One-Line Budget through Financial reports
  • Approved Leases within school – Helping Hands, Eternal Life Ministry and Hindi Classes
  • Hosted Year 6 Student Councillors who presented a review on the school
  • Approved early close times for 2021, Term One
  • Approved Professional Learning days for 2021
  • Approved Voluntary Contributions and Charges and Stationery lists for 2021
  • Endorsement of the BYOD programme for Year 4 students in 2021
  • Notation and support of the school’s management of COVID-19
  • Reviewed and endorsed the Homework Policy

Class Placements 2021

Many requests for class placements have been received for the 2021 school year as such parents are again advised that requests for specific teachers and or requests for non-placement in composite classes or tandem arrangements are not considered. The school does not view these arrangements as detrimental to students’ academic or social development. Parents should also be aware that correspondence provided to the Principal will be considered by staff, but does not guarantee a particular outcome being sought by parents.

Further information regarding class placement is available on the school’s webpage-   Campbell Primary School’s Class Placement Guidelines. I encourage all parents to read this document as it clearly defines the rigorous process undertaken to place students each year.

Advice of Student’s Class and Teacher 2021

On Friday 29 January 2021, after 1.00pm parents will be advised of their child’s 2021 class and teacher via email.  Hard copies of class list will only be displayed on the morning of Monday 1 February 2021.  Parents are asked to ensure that their email addresses are current in preparation for notification in 2021.

Not Returning to Campbell in 2021

I would ask that parents please advise the school if their child/ren will not be returning to Campbell next year. Please email Sue Forman, Manager Corporate Services –  if and when you decide your child will not be returning.  We appreciate any information that you can provide as soon as convenient.

Important Dates 2020

  1 February 2021 Students Commence for 2020
  1 March 2021 Labour Day Public Holiday
10 March 2021 Early Close Teacher Interviews 11.35am
  1 April 2021 Last day of Term 1
  2 April 2021 Good Friday
19 April 2021 Term 2 Begins
26 April 2021 ANZAC Day Public Holiday
4 June 2021 Professional Development Day – students do not attend
  7 June 2021 WA Day Public Holiday
  2 July 2021 Last day of Term 2 for students
19 July 2021 Term 3 Begins
3 September 2021 Professional Development Day – students do not attend
24 September 2021 Last day of Term 3
11 October 2021 Professional Development Day – students do not attend
12 October 2021 Term 4 begins for students
16 December 2021 Last day of Term 4 for students
17 December 2021 Professional Development Day – students do not attend


Education Security

With the school holidays around the corner I would ask parents to report any suspicious behaviour or damage to the school to School Watch on 1800 177 777.


Lynne Bates


December 2020