Student Councillor’s Fundraiser for the Homeless

Today, 1 July 2022, our wonderful student councillors organised each year level a movie and it was a popcorn-bucket full of fun for the students and staff.
We watched movies and episodes such as Bluey, Monsters University and more.
Students were asked to bring along a gold coin donation, clean blankets, pillows, socks, backpacks, glasses and clean towels.
What a fantastic response, once again the Campbell Community gave with their hearts. Mrs Downing and Ms Spires who work each week with the Perth Homeless Support Group were very emotional when they saw the amount of donations.
The students also raised $421.85, which was an incredible amount!
The Perth Homeless Support Group will be here on Tuesday to collect all the items.
Once again thank you and we hope everyone enjoyed the show!
Nadia – LA9, Student Councillor