Summer Reading Challenge 2021

Teachers at Campbell Primary School have set you another challenge over the holidays! We want you to read (or be read to) at least 5 times a week over the holiday break for 15-20 minutes each time. Make sure you ask your parent/s to monitor your reading and sign below at the end of the holidays.

This holiday, we have 2 ways to participate. Go Digital and use your technology powers to create a Power Point, Keynote presentation or Digital poster to communicate what you have read this Summer.

Or you many like to colour and decorate ‘The Book Bingo’ sheet to make it look amazing and hand it to your new class teacher next year.   Download the Holiday Reading Challenge Bingo Sheet and Parent Endorsement.

Students will have a chance to share their Reading challenges with their new classes at the beginning of Term 1.

Good luck and happy reading!

Campbell Teachers