Wacky Hair Day Fundraiser This Friday

As you all know there was a bushfire at Wooroloo in the Perth Hills.  It was out of control, but the firefighters were able to stop it and bring it under control before midnight Saturday 1 February 2021.  Many people sadly lost their homes and animals, to raise awareness Campbell Primary School Councillors and Faction Captains are holding a fundraiser for all students this Friday, 26 February 2021.

We will be doing a Wacky Hair Day. Remember don’t ruin your hair.  No sprays at school, but you can colour your hair temporarily at home you can mould your hair to all shapes and sizes.  Google Wacky Hair Day Ideas for some inspiration.  Please bring one or two gold coins as a donation to participate. No shaving.

Did you know 59 homes were lost to the bushfire?